The Denvermen - Surfside

The Denvermen Surfside Australian Surfing music.

The Denvermen - "Harbour Cruise"

Sydney band The Denvermen was one of the premier Australian surf-instrumental groups of the early 1960s and although they have been somewhat ...

The Denvermen- Blue Mountain

A track from their 60's instrumental album Surfside . Re-released on CD a couple of years ago...PS.Australian Band.

Digger Revell's Denvermen - "Surfside"

In late 1962, The Denvermen began working on a "Sleepwalk"-styled number that was eventually named "Surfside". Devlin added sound effects of breaking ...

♫ The Denvermen ♥ Surfside ♫

The Denvermen (instrumental) 1963.

The Denvermen - Surf city stomp (Australia surf guitar instrumental early 60's )

The Denvermen - "Avalon Stomp"

Sydney band The Denvermen was one of the premier Australian surf-instrumental groups of the early 1960s and although they have been somewhat ...

Digger Revell And The Denvermen - "Over The Rainbow"

From 1963 - a nice song from Digger and the boys but I'm afraid that Billy Thorpe's version can't be beaten - my favourite - sorry Judy..

The Denvermen - Blue Mountains.

( aka The Denver Men )

The Denvermen TEX playing SurfSide after 51 years #1 Hit

At the National Folk Festival in April 2014 Unfortunately the start was missed only a view Bars. Using a 1956 Stratocaster, Laney Valve Amp and a Zoom 2000 ...

The Denvermen - The Sun-Seekers

Published by Australien RCA Records 1963. This video is for educational purpose and not for financial gains. I don't own any rights.


2005 The Denvermen reunion after 40 years,at the Empire Hotel in Sydney. Les and Tex playing guitars, unfortunatly Alan the Bass Player and Phil Drums could ...


Video Live at the Reunion Concert "Return of The Surf Guitar" at Empire Hotel Oct 2005 ,First time in 40 years since The Denvermen have played togther, Les ...

SURFSIDE (The Denvermen cover)

Imagine sitting on the beach on a warm summers night, zipping a drink , listening to the waves and the music hahahaha ! Another suggestion by Glen. I hope ...

Digger Revell's Denver Men - "Lisa Maree"

From 1962 - this was the flipside of their second single 'Surfside'


VIdeo of 2004 Reunion of THE DENVERMEN with Les and Tex live for the First time since 1966, at Empire Hotel Anandale Sydney, "Return of The Surf Guitar" ...

The Denvermen - Mystery Wave (1963)

Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1963: The Denvermen performing 'Mystery Wave' on the ATN-7 program Sing, Sing, Sing - broadcasted in ...

The Denvermen - Surfside Romance

STEREO. HD1080p*. Antipodean group The Denvermen play the dreamy instrumental "Surfside Romance" from their 1963 LP, 'Let's Go Surfside With The ...

Digger Revell and the Denvermen - ''Lovin' Doll'' (1962)

Taken from the Australian version of "Bandstand". A kinescope recording.

The Denvermen - She's Gone

Let's Go Surfside With The Denvermen - Sydney based band from 1961 - 1965.

The Denvermen - Mystery Wave 1963.wmv

Aussie instrumental from Digger Revell's "Denvermen" - from J.O'K's "Sing Sing Sing" - Released on R.C.A. single RCA-101540.

The Denvermen - Nightrider

( aka The Denver Men - Night Rider )

The Denvermen - Avalon Stomp, Harbour Cruise

In MEMORY of Les Green( Leslie Alan 09.05.1944 - 20.01.2016 ) Original Member (Guitar) of The Denvermen.

The Denvermen - Wabash Blues 1961 (TV) The Johnny O'Keefe Show.wmv

Instrumental from Digger Revells highly revered backing group 'The Denvermen' as they appeared on the Johnny O'Keefe Show. This ones for you Tex.