Coolhand74 - Black Ops - TopGearNY is always trying to kill me

Even when we're on the same team.

Coolhand74 - Black Ops - TopGearNY vs. the recoil

Woah there, Wyatt Derp. Easy now. Now with 50% more useless content for time's sake!

TopGear Import's 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder in New York City

Cars don't belong in Museums. Get out and Drive !!

E-type and Eagle Speedster | Top Gear | BBC

Jeremy Clarkson drives a vintage Jaguar e-type along a country road, and then tries an Eagle speedster, a new car which resembles the E-type. Great HD clip ...

The 261mph Bugatti Chiron | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear

Chris Harris gets one day to explore the many talents of the 1479bhp 261mph Bugatti Chiron. What would you do if you had one day with the Bugatti Chiron?

Best Top Gear Moments in the WORLD! | 4 M Subs Celebration | Top Gear

The Top Gear YouTube channel now has over 4 Million subscribers! To celebrate we've put together some of your favourite Top Gear moments. What is yours?

The Grand Tour: Season 2 Episode 2 Trailer

The Falls Guys: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May partake in a public transportation challenge from New York City to Niagara Falls.

topgear is an rtbh99 wannabe

rtbh99: need a title for a one minute gold enfield clip topgearny: i'm a topgear wannabe rtbh99: yeah that works rtbh99: topgear is an rtbh99 wannabe topgearny: ...

Top Gear team is testing super cars in New York

Top Gear team is testing super cars in New York 2010 September. Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche supercars and Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard ...

Coolhand74 - Black Ops - Warlorded. Like a Pro.

Been trying for five days to get a multi-kill for Warlord Pro, got to do SOMETHING to celebrate it. Had a great martyrdom-esque kill for the game-winner, but the ...

Black Ops: Gold Klobbs? I'll take two!

Gold Skorpions. Two of them. Jesus, what else do you need?

Black Ops: This was even possible?!

Fun fact: The gap the semtex fell through was so small that not even the camera could follow it.

Podcast Episode 7 - I Can't Drive 55

Shivam walks his dog, while Naveed and Rob discuss the fate of Top Gear, NY Auto Show, locked doors at mclaren, the 570s, LA with Matt Farah and Rob who?

Why, thank you for the package!

But the laughs are what will really stay with me.

Stupid enemies! Free kills!

Don't you just love when you get into lobbies like this?

Coolhand74 - Black Ops - Little bit of everything in this one

This clip has it all! Explosions! Crossbows! Shotguns! Ambushes! And a special guest appearance by TopGearNY as the avenging fire-demon!

Black Ops: Ballistics of ballistics.

Making like Freddy Krueger.

Black Ops: Geronimo!

Oh, that wacky Sonic Phoenix. What will he do next?

Black Ops: Zero to Blackbird in one clip.

problem, rtbh99?


can u subscribe,comment, and thumbs up.

exfiltration on hard mode has some bugs...

look at your terrorist now at the difficulty level. now look back at the terrorist. the terrorist is now a ghost.