aria -- acker bilk

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music: aria
artist: acker bilk

my comments about this video

I believe in the creation account in Genesis and although I am sure those who think otherwise could ask me questions to which I could not give adequate answers, this in no way would change my faith that all we see anywhere in the universe - on earth or out in the vastness of space has been created by the God of the bible. I do not know how the universe ends - in a way I am not too bothered - it would be interesting to know but not vital - the important thing for me is having an inner assurance that God created it at a word by his son Jesus Christ and this video actually makes me stand in awe of the majesty of God and more than that I feel not a little tearful that God who created all this beauty sent Jesus Christ to this world to save sinners and that I am not only known personally to him, but for reasons known only to him, he so worked in my heart that with the hymnist I can truly say " you ask me how I know he lives - he lives within my heart". Not having intellectual understanding of many things cannot affect that nor take me away from him.